Parker’s Picks

Each month I share my “top” picks to make your reading experience even better. Have a suggestion? Email me at


13 responses to “Parker’s Picks

  1. Sybil McGunnigal

    Katie H just sent me the address to your blog….
    I love it – thank you for sharing!


  2. Can’t wait for your newest list!

  3. Joanne Christensen

    Hi Kathy:
    I have been to Buffy Hamilton’s website to learn about Kindles. She used a permission slip that you created. I wondered if I might be able to also use and adapt it. Could you send it to me?
    We are just beginning the world of the Kindle at our library.

    Joanne Christensen
    Teacher Librarian
    Weber High School
    Pleasant View, Utah

    • Yes Joanne,
      You are more than welcome to use and adapt the Kindle permission slip. 🙂

      • Hi Kathy,

        We are going to purchase 18 Kindles for our library. Would you mind if I used the permission slip you created for your Kindles and adapt it?

        Marianne Bates (almost Marian the librarian)
        Library-Media teacher
        Albion Middle School
        Sandy, UT
        Sandy, UT

      • Good afternoon, Marian the Librarian!!
        We must be kindred spirits. 🙂
        Yes, you may use the permission slip for your school. Congratulations starting up a Kindle program at your school!

  4. Libby Lancaster

    I am a new librarian at at Pre-K – 5 library in Killeen, Texas. I have starting researching the use of e-readers in the classroom and want to see how an e-reader would benefit at-risk/reluctant readers and I discovered your blog. I want to use the NOOKcolor for my trial. I would like to adapt your documents (policy documents) for our elementary needs. Any ideas or suggestions you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


    • Morning Libby,
      Yes, please feel free to use and adapt our policy for the Kindle – in your case, the Nook. I have two teachers at my school that could help you with your questions concerning the benefits of e-books with at-risk/reluctant readers. I’ll send there email addresses to you as well as mine.

  5. Christina Khan

    First I would like to say I love all that you do for the students. I am a doctoral student with Grand Canyon University. My dissertation study examines the use of e-readers with students currently enrolled in grades 3-6 with a formal diagnosis of autism. Would it be possible for me to email or speak with you privately? I love all that you did with kindles in the classroom and I know you are one of the few experts in this area.

    Thank You,

  6. We have acquired 9 Kindles for our Library. May I use your Permission slip for our school?


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