Marianslibrary Review of Lisa Unger’s, In the Blood

In the BloodIn the Blood by Lisa Unger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lana Granger has a past she’d like to keep totally hidden. 11-year-old disturbed Luke Kahn meets Lana for the first time and the events that follow spiral out of control. She might just have met her match, her shrouded history is going to be revealed and thus begins the game. But who is manipulating it? They are two totally different people but each harboring a secret….

“What was there between us in that very first moment that would have told, if observed, everything that would follow? Nothing. I am sure of it. Not anything, not a twinge of instinct, not an internal shudder. He was that good.” (Lisa Unger, In the Blood)

Where do I begin after reading In the Blood by Lisa Unger?! It was a suspenseful, psychological thriller that I totally found myself immersed in as soon I began the book.
Lisa Unger has constructed quite an intricate detailed puzzle in her newest book, In the Blood. Only she knows how all the pieces fit and interlock. As the reader, I was continually trying to fit those pieces together in the process of reading each and every sentence. (I highlighted NUMEROUS lines!) Many times throughout reading the book my suspicions were correct and the pieces to the puzzle fit. I knew I was on the right track but in an instant I’d discover I was completely wrong! I found myself shrieking at certain important revelations!!! No I’m not crazy, just a very boisterous avid reader!

Ohhh! What a page turner to the very ending! Kudos to you Lisa Unger! I highly recommend In the Blood!

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