Marianslibrary Review of The Good House by Ann Leary

The Good HouseThe Good House by Ann Leary
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Main character, 60 year old successful real estate agent, Hildy Good, opens up about her life and leaves nothing out to the readers in The Good House. The Good House is both funny at moments due to Hildy’s quick wit and also quite melancholy in the very next paragraph. She’s a recovering alcoholic recently back from a stay at a facility which was triggered by an intervention held by her adult daughters.
I felt like Hildy was a friend sharing her history and story of her life in the quaint New England town of Wendover, Massachusetts. As she’s telling her tale, I was on this journey with her. Once she returns home, I wanted to find out if she had totally recovered and left her old demons behind.
Ann Leary has a very well developed story and I was quickly whisked into The Good House. Each character came vividly to life for me. I definitely felt a connection.
And, what story that takes place in Massachusetts wouldn’t be complete without a bit of history of the Salem Witch Trials….Hildy is a direct descendant!

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2 responses to “Marianslibrary Review of The Good House by Ann Leary

  1. Beth Hoffman

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, too. Happy New Year to you and yours, Kathy!

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