“Gobble, Gobble, Said the Turkey…..” – November Read Alouds for Kids!

A Turkey.

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Gobble, gobble, said the turkey (Use Hands and Gobble)
Soon twill be Thanksgiving Day (Hold up one finger and shake)
The way they treat me (Hold arms up),
They’re going to eat me (Shrug),
Guess I’d better run away! (Run in place and gobble)

This is a very enjoyable and entertaining Thanksgiving finger play to teach young children!  It’s one my own daughters liked to perform when they were children.  Thanksgiving stories were always a part of our family tradition after the big meal of the day.  We would clean up to get everything in order for what my Mother always called, “the second sitting of the day.”  She would always have an evening Thanksgiving Open House and I’ve continued on the family tradition now that I host Thanksgiving Day.  The following Thanksgiving read aloud books are quite fun to share with your children on this special family day of gathering – in between all of the football games!  Enjoy!

Albert's Thanksgiving (Aladdin Picture Books)

Albert’s Thanksgiving by Leslie Tryon

PTA President, Patsy Pig, has requested the help of Albert the Duck to assist her with the school’s upcoming Thanksgiving celebration.  Through a series of letters to Albert, sent by Patsy Pig, he begins to get overwhelmed with all of the tasks she asks him to do.  I love this story along with the colorful illustrations! 

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallow...

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, by Alison Jackson

This is another cumulative rhyming tale about Old Lady and what she inhales for this hilarious Thanksgiving story!  “I know an old lady who swallowed a pie, a Thanksgiving pie which was really too dry, perhaps—-she’ll die!”  So continues what she devours along through this delicious and funny book!  Your kids will never tire of this one!

The Night Before Thanksgiving 

The Night Before Thanksgiving by Natasha Wing

Charming Thanksgiving rendition of Clement C. Moore’s, The Night Before Christmas!  The students love this twist of a story for Thanksgiving!  Their mouths water as the child in the story tells of the impending preparations for their feast to be shared with many extended family members.  An entertaining addition to your Thanksgiving collection!

Setting the Turkeys Free

Setting the Turkeys Free by W. Nikola-Lisa

What an excellent read aloud to be accompanied by an art project with your children or students!  A boy uses his hands to draw, paint, and decorate his turkeys he has made.  Do they come to life or is it just the young boy envision they are real?!  Of course, there has to be some conflict à enter “FOXY!”  Will the boy be able to save his beloved turkeys from the crafty fox??!!

This Is the Turkey

This is the Turkey by Abby Levine

Here’s another superb read aloud that’s both a cumulative and rhyming book that is always a winner with kids!  Max is enthusiastic with the upcoming Thanksgiving Day dinner preparations.  Like most families on Thanksgiving all the family attending dinner at Max’s house is bringing a scrumptious dish to share!  Max and his sister have been able to help their Mom with organizing their part of the meal, especially the turkey!  A disaster almost ensues but it can’t take away from what makes Thanksgiving really special!

Turk and Runt: A Thanksgiving...

Turk and Runt: A Thanksgiving Comedy by Lisa Wheeler

Turk lives with his brother, Runt, and his parents on Wishbone Farm.  Turk is the favorite with his parents because of all his special talents.  “He’s a dancer, says his Mother.”  “He’s an athlete, says his Father.” “He’s a goner, says his brother, Runt.”  The dilemma is none of them pay attention to what Runt has to say – and they should!  Thanksgiving is approaching and visitors are stopping by Wishbone Farm with one thing in mind—a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner—not a turkey with special talents!

'Twas The Night Before Thanksg... 

‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey

Ah! Here is a much loved book by many people I know!  Here’s another variation of Clement C. Moore’s, The Night Before Christmas!  The students take a class trip to Old Farmer McNugget’s turkey farm with their teacher.  They love the little turkeys and are having fun until a little girl discovers an axe and asks Farmer McNugget what it’s for.  He tells of the turkeys impending demise for Thanksgiving feasts.  As the children “clamor in a chorus of cries” the teacher goes with Farmer McNugget to fetch water from the well to calm the kids down.  When they return the kids are “mysteriously fatter!”  Pilkey has written such a brilliant piece of work that it succeeds with the children!



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2 responses to ““Gobble, Gobble, Said the Turkey…..” – November Read Alouds for Kids!

  1. Thank you for posting these. I am so excited to take my daughter Ava to the library and try to hunt them down. We are always looking for great seasonal books! “)

    • Glad you liked the Thanksgiving list of books! So many good ones! Hope you can get a few at the library. Wait til you see my Christmas read alouds!

      Enjoy this beautiful fall weather we’ve been having!

      I added Up From the Blue by Susan Henderson to my upcoming Winter Reading List per your recommendation! Thank you!


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