Parker’s Read-Alouds for September – A Bakers Dozen!

During the month of September these are the books you might hear me reading to children at my school library from pre-school through third grade.   They are some of my “Tried and True” favorite read-aloud books.  They are always well received by the students.  If you’re ever looking for titles or authors try one of these below.  You won’t be disappointed!  For example, I’ve been reading, I Took My Frog to the Library, since it was published in 1990. I’ve read this for 20 years and never tire of rereading it.  I hope you enjoy some of these titles!

Chicks n Salsa by Aaron Reynolds

Chicks and Salsa 

Chicks and Salsa, was one of 20 Illinois Monarch Nominee Books for 2010. Kindergarten students were hungry for Mexican food once the story was finished! The chicks along with a few other barnyard critters are tired of eating the same old food on Nuthatcher Farm. The rooster discovers a way to change it and the fun & food begin! By the end of the book you’ll be planning a Mexican meal and shouting, “ole!!”

Falling for Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox

Falling For Rapunzel 

This is a fun spin to the original tale of Rapunzel!  Rapunzel is trying to be rescued by the prince but she’s a bit hard of hearing.  Instead of responding to, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your curly locks” (Falling for Rapunzel, Wilcox) Rapunzel sends the prince her “dirty socks!”  The tale continues in this vein until the hysterical ending!  The students loved listening to me read this rollicking read-aloud! It’s an enjoyable and entertaining version of Rapunzel!

I Took My Frog to the Library by Eric Kimmel

I Took My Frog to the Library 

I enjoy reading this book each year to the children when they visit the library for one of their very first story times!  It’s a wonderful story about the library and how one should behave while there.  Young Bridget brings her pets: a hyena, pelican, frog, hen, pelican, and her elephant to the library.  It’s when her elephant arrives that calamity and upheaval arise!

Mars Needs Moms by Berkeley Breathed

Mars Needs Moms! 

This is a gem of a book!  Since this book came out I’ve been sharing it with second and third grade students during their library/story time. As a mom I I recommend you have a Kleenex handy -just for yourself!  Milo doesn’t see what’s so special about moms and in particular his mom. Moms make their kids eat foods that taste horrible.  Moms’ jobs include taking their kids to soccer practice and parties. Oblivious to Milo there are those who would relish the thought of having a mom and they go to great lengths to obtain one unique and special mom!

Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen by Marissa Moss

Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out... 

The kids always love a great baseball story and Mighty Jackie fits the bill for both boys and girls.  This is a favorite read-aloud for my third graders at school! It’s great to read in the fall as the baseball season winds down or in the spring at the on set of baseball.  This is a true account of seventeen year-old, Jackie Mitchell, who had an excellent throwing arm.  She was so good Jackie was recruited by the Chattanooga Lookouts. In a special exhibition game on April 2, 1931, Jackie pitches against the likes of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig! Truly an inspiring story!

Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf by Judy Sierra

Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf

B.B. Wolf, now retired, receives a very special invitation from the children’s librarian to attend a tea at the library.  His friend, the crocodile reminds him he’s going to need to remember to mind his manners! This catchy little song, “Sip your tea and never slurp, say excuse me when you burp” is a pleasant reminder for B.B. Wolf.  Young children love to join in throughout the book as B.B. Wolf adds to this reminder song.  As you read through the story many of your favorite story book characters arrive at the tea such as The Gingerbread Boy, Little Red Riding Hood, and The Three Little Pigs! Add this to your read-aloud list!

Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook by Michael Garland

Miss Smith's Incredible Storyb... 

Whenever Miss Smith opens her enchanting storybook to read a story, Zack and the other students wait in anticipation because the characters literally jump out of the stories!  Of course her students LOVE when Miss Smith reads to them!  Then one day Miss Smith is late to school and the principal fills in.  Unbeknownst to him the hidden powers of her storybook!  He runs out of the classroom because of a fire-breathing dragon has hopped out of the book.  Then the wild adventures ensue with the students and the storybook!

My Little Sister Hugged an Ape by Bill Grossman

My Little Sister Hugged an Ape

This is a companion book to, My Little Sister Ate One Hare.  This is always a great ABC and rhyming book to read aloud!  Little Sister starts hugging animals beginning with an Ape until the rollicking finish when she hugs a Zebra! 

My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza

My Lucky Day 

Fox can hardly believe his eyes when dinner comes knocking at his door – a pig!! This funny trickster tale always has the students laughing as the pig outsmarts the fox!

Old Black Fly by Jim Aylesworth

Old Black Fly

I love this book and so do the kids!  It is a wonderful ABC and rhyming story.  There’s a pesky old bothersome fly found on everyone page. The students love to help out with this phrase found throughout the book: “Shoo fly, shoo fly, SHOO!”

Sam and the Tiger by Julius Lester

Sam and the Tigers: A Retellin... 

Julius Lester is a wonderful author and comes through again with his adaptation of “Little Black Sambo.”  In this version everyone in the story is named Sam and they all live in Sam-Sam-Samara. Sam has gone shopping with his parents, Sam & Sam for new school clothes.  Oh how colorful his new clothes are! His bright clothing catches the eye of some tigers he meets on his way to school.  Now what has Sam up his sleeve to trick these unsuspecting tigers?!

The Secret Science Project That Almost Ate the School by Judy Sierra

The Secret Science Project Tha... 

I always love to read this to 2nd and 3rd grade students!  Its science project time for a young girl in third grade.  Everyone seems to have a remarkable project – except her – until she discovers Professor Swami’s Super Slime!  She now has a grand project but she disregards the fine print and what follows is quite funny!!

Wild About Books by Judy Sierra

Wild About Books 

Another fantastic rhyming read-aloud by Sierra!  Librarian, Molly McGrew, mistakenly drives her bookmobile to the zoo.  What she discovers is the animals embrace the books she has in her possession.  They love to read them!  The outcome is their very own:  “Zoobrary!”


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