M-EDGE Accessories Contributes to Kindle Program for Illinois Middle School!

Isn’t it astounding how people’s paths cross in so many diverse ways? Just by sharing a story about someone with another person can sometimes lead to a unique partnership. This is what exactly happened to me about six months ago. Last fall I assisted in developing a pilot Kindle program at our middle school, Seneca Grade School, in Seneca, Illinois. I had full support from my administrators and the Board of Education to pursue this new venture in education. Prior to setting up the pilot program I searched for those educators who had already successfully put such a program into place. I found the numbers were small but a few stepped up to lend a hand with my task. One of these educators was, Will Delamater, the creator of Edukindle.com. (Read about Will’s visit this past summer to our school here) Along with the small teacher/administrator Kindle committee, Will was a constant help always ready to answer any questions I sent his way.  In the fall of 2009 I joined his Edukindle.ning.com website for educators using Kindles. I posted questions and eventually I was helping other educators who were testing the e-book waters.

Now fast forward to early 2010.  One morning I opened an email from Will stating he had had coffee with Patrick Mish, the CEO of M-EDGE Accessories. Will mentioned our pilot program to him and the possibility that our entire 8thgrade students would each be receiving Kindles to use in their Literature/Language Arts class in the fall of 2010. Will made the necessary introductions to Patrick and me and a plan was proposed.  M-EDGE Accessories would donate Kindle jackets for all of our Kindles! Not only were we to receive jackets but the jackets would be in our school colors with our Seneca Grade School name hand-stitched on each one!  This was truly amazing and unbelievable!  Prior to the final decision as to which jacket would be used, Patrick Mish sent our students a variety of jackets to try out last spring. There were two which were very popular with the students. They were the Latitude Jacket and the Leisure Jacket. These are the two jackets the students will be using this fall. Not only will the 8th graders have new Kindle jackets but also our 7th grade students will as well. The Board of Education approved the purchase of the Kindles for each 8th grade student in the spring and as a result we were able to proceed with the preparations.

I want to thank Patrick Mish, his team, especially Genevieve Post, at M-EDGE Accessories who worked so closely with me on this project over the last couple of months and to Will Delamater for establishing the connection! I want to express thanks to Caitlin Mills, of Planit Agency!  We are very grateful to all of you for your contribution and involvement in our Kindle program at Seneca Grade School! Never in a million years would I have dreamed of this transpiring but it has become a reality! I’m anxious to share these with our students in the upcoming weeks!



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4 responses to “M-EDGE Accessories Contributes to Kindle Program for Illinois Middle School!

  1. Janet

    Wow. SO forward-thinking. I can’t imagine the school system here (Ramsey, NJ) doing this anytime soon.

    I have one problem with the choices of covers, though. I HAVE both the M-Edge Latitude and Leisure jackets for my own Kindle. I would think the best type of jacket for a Kindle, when in the hands of a 7th or 8th grader, would be one that the Kindle is highly protected by. I have visions of Kindles falling on floors and breaking all over Illinois right now. *shock!* Personally, I think the Prodigy or Platform would be much better for protecting those precious Kindles! …JMHO. 😉

    Good luck with the program! I’m amazed at how well that progressed! WTG!

    • Hi Janet,
      Thank you for your thoughts and comments! We really had the students give all of the jackets the once over and these were the ones they felt most comfortable using. Keep your fingers crossed, but last year we didn’t have any of them get broken. Many students said they were extra careful with them because of the expense. We are quite excited to get them into the hands of the students. I work with a fabulous board of education, administration, and staff to make this all come together. Oh, and we couldn’t have done it without the generosity of Patrick Mish from M-EDGE!

  2. I go to church with the Mish’s. They are great people with a great product! Great blog post.

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