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I’m back from a relaxing vacation in Door County, Wisconsin with a new post on something of great importance. You, as my readers, can be of great assistance! If you’ve visited my blog, you know what an avid reader and Kindle lover I am! Being a school librarian for more than 30 years I’m quite passionate about getting students to read. We are so fortunate to have public, school, and home libraries at our finger tips. With the emergence of e-readers we can now access books almost immediately. What about those countries where all of these luxuries are not available? This is the main priority and focal point of Their motto, “Books for All,” denotes their intention to lessen the cost and difficulty of obtaining e-reader devices while getting them into the hands of children from developing countries so that they may have a right of entry to a library of educational matter. was founded by David Risher in 2008.  He was working with an orphanage in Ecuador and discovered how restricted the pertinent reading resources were for the children.  David’s colleague had an ingenious vision of using e-books to bring appropriate materials to developing countries. Their dream soon evolved into with their first pilot program now in progress in the country of Ghana. has now set many goals, long term being opening their program to other developing countries and to work with manufacturers to construct a ruggedized device.

Their short term goals are to do the following:

–          Ruggedize the e-readers with protective covers.

–          Acquire lights for the Kindles enabling the children to read in their homes.

–          Attain funding for the next phase of their pilot program.

–          Make available to 336 students, new Kindles and library of content.

–          Get the e-readers to the students by the end of August.

What’s the estimated total needed for to achieve these goals? The total estimated budget is $600,000. $200,000 goes towards research and evaluation. The Kindle devices cost is projected at $200,000. Approximately $200.000 is needed to purchase at least 200 books per device. $50,000 is projected for locally published content. Financial assistance is of the utmost importance to ensure the continuing accomplishment of this program. makes available worthwhile and precious reading materials to these students which originally would not have access to.  The program allows substantial research and evaluation to examine how students adjust to the technology and the reading material provided. The research will also present data for improvement and for any modifications which might be needed to make the program a success.

Interested in contributing to this worthwhile cause has set out to accomplish? Email Elizabeth Wood, Director of Development at

To read more about visit their website,

Thank you for your contribution!

Happy Reading!



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6 responses to “ – “Books For All”

    • Hi John,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on endeavor to bring reading and Kindles to developing countries.

  1. Mauricio Prieto is an amazing initiative. I live in Barcelona and have been following them for a couple of months now. I am very impressed by their energy, committment, and most importantly, the progress that they have made in such a short period of time. This organization might end up having a very positive impact on the lives of millions of people, and it is worth following them closely and supporting them. Thanks a lot for bringing this story to your readers.

  2. Until I read this post, I had not heard of — thank you so much for spreading the word about such a worthy cause.

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