“I Hereby Resolve To Kill Every Vampire In America.” (Abraham Lincoln,Vampire Hunter)

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, by Seth Grahame-Smith

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

You might wonder was Honest Abe a major vampire hunter???!!!  That is the premise of Seth Grahame-Smith’s newest book.  I’ve lived in Illinois my entire life and Abraham Lincoln is the president I am most fascinated as evidenced by the many books I have read about his life. My favorite title is Team of Rivals, by Doris Kearns Goodwin. This serves a dual purpose because of my interest  to also read a good vampire book now and then – thanks to the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyers and the Sookie Stackhouse Series, by Charlaine Harris (HBO’s True Blood is based on this series).  Grahame-Smith spins a yarn Abe Lincoln would have loved to have told himself since he was an excellent storyteller. Grahame-Smith shares with the reader The Introduction that he “obtained” Lincoln’s “secret journal” to help tell this story.

“Henceforth my life shall be one of rigorous study and devotion.  I shall become learned in all things. I shall become a greater warrior then Alexander. My life shall have but one purpose. That purpose is to kill as many vampires as I can. This journal shall be where I write about killing vampires. No one other then me shall read it.” (Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter)

Abraham Lincoln discovers at a young age his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, didn’t die from “Milk Sickness” but from a vampire. Upon learning this cataclysmic information he vows to avenge his mother’s death and decides to rage a war on vampires. He gathers information and trains himself to fight and destroy them. Over the course of time he eventually meets Henry Sturges who helps Lincoln to fully understand the significance of vampires in America and the role they will play later in Lincoln’s life, his presidency, and America’s Civil War. It’s revealed to Lincoln the importance of these following famous historical figures: Stephen Douglas, Edgar Allan Poe, Jefferson Davis, William Seward, plus others, and their part they play in regards to vampires.

I truly relished reading this book! Grahame-Smith has written an outstanding and superb tale. He winds his story between fact and fiction.  I liked that he followed the life story of Lincoln but throughout his existence, there are vampires found at varying times in his life. Of course much is fabricated (as I look over my shoulder for the nearest vampire) but he hooks the reader into possibly believing it to be the truth and not just a myth! This is what kept my undying interest throughout Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer!   Read, discover, and take pleasure in this irresistible story. 

“It turns out that the towering myth of Honest Abe, the one ingrained in our earliest grade school memories, is inherently dishonest. Nothing more than a patchwork of half-truths and omissions. What follows nearly ruined my life. What follows, at last, is the truth.” –Seth Grahame-Smith



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7 responses to ““I Hereby Resolve To Kill Every Vampire In America.” (Abraham Lincoln,Vampire Hunter)

  1. Now THAT is a new twist on historical fiction. Thanks for the reveiw, I’m going to have to check this one out!

    • Yes, how about it for historical fiction! Glad you liked the review. Check back with me once you read the book. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on it.
      Thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. Traci Grandgeorge

    I just picked this book up this morning – wow! So far it is believable. My nieces (Twilight Lovers) and Abe Fans want to read it next. In fact as I was reading today at their pool I found myself reading aloud to them because they wanted to know what was happening. That was fun – they are teenagers are they were engaged with the story instantly and finding common threads with Twilight. Let you know when I finish – shouldn’t be long.

    • Hi Traci!
      Thanks for leaving such a nice response to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! Funny you should say you read some of it out loud! I did the same thing when I was getting a pedicure. My friend who does my manicures and pedicures loves this type of book, so I read some parts to her & she loved it. I am in agreement with you – teens will be reading this because of the Twilight series frenzy!
      Happy Reading!
      P.S. – Yes, leave a comment here once you finish it!

  3. Traci

    Loved this book – great historical fiction. I am visiting Springfield next week – wonder if I will find anything about this book at the Presidential Library? This is a great, fast read for Illinois History fans. I am also a Kindle owner now;) Thanks for the inspiration Kathy.

  4. Sue Koppenhoefer

    Thanks, Kathy! Great review! And you’re right — no spoilers!

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