“Come with me,” Mom says. “To the library. Books and summertime go together.” (L.Schroeder)

I kicked off my summer reading extravaganza with two Young Adult books which were enthusiastically checked out by a steady stream of young teens that frequented my libraries on a regular basis during the school year. I felt the summer break was exactly the ideal time to seize the opportunity to read them – as well as a few other YA books!  It was a pleasure to devour both of them in a matter of days! Each story included a mystical element which grasped my attention.  Now I realize why many readers were drawn to these books. Uncover for yourself the mysteries that Schroeder and Alender have in store for you. These authors have an abundance of other stories to whet your appetite.

I Heart You, You Haunt Me is a beautiful book in verse by Lisa Schroeder! I was easily and quickly drawn into Ava’s story. Her boyfriend, Jackson, has met an untimely tragic death based on a dare which Ava feels she may have influenced the outcome. As the story develops Ava’s parents and friends attempt to comfort and support her as she grieves Jackson’s death. One day Ava looks in her bathroom mirror and experiences a sensation which she believes is the ghost of Jackson attempting to contact her.  More and more Jackson is there in spirit when Ava is alone. She eventually tries to discover why Jackson’s soul cannot rest and what she needs to accept and resolve within her in order to move on with life. It seems that Jackson’s spirit will not be at peace until Ava finally discovers the key to the solution. I could easily appreciate and the popularity of this story with young adults and I look forward to your response!

I found, Bad Girls Don’t Die, by Kate Alender to contain exactly the right ingredients for a superb spooky paranormal story!  Alexis Warren’s hobby is photography and at the onset of the story she discovers and photographs a strange glow outside their home. The Warren family resides in a house with not only a great deal of fascinating history but also a possible resident specter who relishes inhabiting bodies and controlling them for its own purpose! Alexis is a teen whose thirteen-year-old sister, Haley, is beginning to act strangely and has a weird attachment to her doll collection. Early on you’ll discover Alexis feels as though she doesn’t fit in anywhere or with anyone at school – all that begins to change when Carter Blume turns his attention towards her. While this relationship blossoms the bond with her sister worsens – almost to the point Alexis fears not only she will be harmed but others as well. Alexis’ new friend Megan Wiley also senses danger when she is in contact with Haley as she also has a story that will unfold. Bad Girls Don’t Die weaves an interesting story intertwining all of these characters together to a climatic heart stopping ending!



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3 responses to ““Come with me,” Mom says. “To the library. Books and summertime go together.” (L.Schroeder)

  1. Thanks for the great review! So glad you enjoyed it!

    (I am always in awe of people who can summarize my book so much better than I would ever be able to do.)

    • Hi Katie!
      Happy you liked it. I always take a long time to compose my thoughts/reviews and then I have hubby who is great at writing (another English major!) double check it for me! He’s always so nice! I’ve just given the book to a coworker of my middle daughter since I was raving about it the other day to her.
      Thank you!

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