“As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.” William Shakespeare

I wonder what William Shakespeare would think today of the Amazon Kindle ?!  The love of words and kindle used in the same sentence by Shakespeare hundreds of years ago. – amazing! The Amazon Kindle has sparked an interest and a new way for book lovers to read.

It was my interest in technology and as a librarian, my fondness and devotion for reading, which led me down this path to discover the Kindle! 

This past year at my school, Seneca Grade School, I helped to implement a Kindle pilot program in the 7th and 8th grade Language/Literature classrooms.  It has received many positive responses from students, teachers, administrators, and the board of education.  Recently, Lauren Barack, a freelance writer for School Library Journal, interviewed me.  The article is now available to read in the May 2010 School Library Journal!  It can be found in the TechKnowledge section.  The name of the article is, “Librarian Brings Kindles into the Classroom.”

I have heard from many school librarians all over the United States since the article has been published. I’m happy that I’m able to help them to pursue their own Kindle programs.  There are many different digital readers but I like using the Kindle and the features it offers.  A few features are the ability to change the font size, the text to speech feature, the dictionary feature, and highlighting and note taking features.  Will DeLamater, the founder of Edukindle and Edukindle.ning, recently wrote a study entitled, “How Larger Font Size Impacts Reading and the Implications for Educational Use of Digital Text Readers.” I especially like the ability to have an ebook at my finger tips in less than 60 seconds!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!

“The instruction we find in books is like fire.  We fetch it from our neighbors, kindle it at home, communicate it to others and it becomes the property of all.” Voltaire



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6 responses to ““As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.” William Shakespeare

  1. The question I have is what you do if a child loses or damages a Kindle. Who pays for it? We have one Kindle that teachers got with a grant, and I’m not even sure what to do with that one. I’d love to know more about how this program is working at your school.

    • We have a take home policy which the 8th grade students and their parents had to sign. On the policy it states the price of the Kindle if it would need to be replaced. We didn’t have one come back damaged this year during our pilot Kindle program. Visit http://www.edukindle.ning.com to see what we’ve done with our Kindle program and other educators as well. Our pilot program was mentioned in the May issue of School Library Journal also. Please feel free to send me any more questions. We started our pilot program with first purchasing 6 Kindles for our Kindle Committe to use over the summer last year. We then met prior to the school year starting up and discussed and brainstormed all of our ideas.

  2. Katy

    I wanted to mention that I read your article in SLJ this month and was delighted to see you working with Kindles. I am an avid Kindle user and am looking forward to seeing any research about the effects of Kindle on student interest and fluency in reading.

    Do you know of any research along these lines, or is it still too early? Will you be conducting any action research yourself?

    Again, congratulations on a wonderful SLJ article.

    • Hi Katy,
      Glad you saw my the article about me in SLJ recently! What an honor! To answer your question concerning any research done with students as far as interest and fluency in reading, we haven’t done it yet, but our RTI middle school teacher is planning on conducting some testing/research based on the students use of the Kindles and reading comprehension. Since this past year was basically a pilot program we were just “getting our feet wet” with using Kindles in the classroom. There has been a study done on font size and how it impacts student readers. It was done by Will DeLamater, the founder of Edukindle.com – if you go to his website, you might be able to access it there. Also check out edukindle.ning.com for more information from educators using Kindles.
      Thank you again! Hope you continue to enjoy my blog!

      • Katy


        Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely be checking out the resources you mentioned. I look forward to hearing about your research in future blog posts/ SLJ articles!

        Thanks again,

      • Hi Katy!
        You’re welcome! Hopefully all of those I mentioned will help you out. Keep checking back from time to time.

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