Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

“What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.”  – Karl Menninger

I was quite happily surprised this morning when I opened my mailbox at school to find an envelope addressed to me. Inside was a letter from our Parent Student Organization Chairperson explaining an essay had been submitted by a student in my honor. The essays were entitled, “My Favorite Teacher.” They were judged by area educators and local radio personalities. The student was fourth-grader, Eve O. Her work was such a touching tribute on the positive impact I have made on her life. As I read her entry it reinforced my decision to become a school librarian many years ago and how what I do really makes a difference in the eyes of students, in particular, Eve’s.

I liked to share her essay with you now!

“My Favorite Teacher”

By, Eve O.

“Read! Read! “How do we hold our library books? Hug them like we love them or put ’em at your side. Ugh!”  Do you have a favorite teacher?  Well, I do. Yes, I’m sure you have guessed.  Mrs. Parker, our librarian, is my favorite teacher. You may be wondering why.  Well, I’m going to tell you.

Almost anything you learn in class you can learn from a book in the library: science, social studies, math, etc.  Children who do not like to read or cannot find a book can always find a book with Mrs. Parker’s help.  Even if they didn’t know or did know that the book existed.  Ever since I was little, Mrs. Parker encouraged me to read.  I did, now look how smart I am.

Mrs. Parker lets the older kids use Kindles and got into the Internet for librarians.  She is nice and smart.  Mostly she is my favorite because I like reading, and she likes reading too.

Even if you tried to persuade me to like a different teacher, I would still like Mrs. Parker, our librarian.  No matter what you do. You can learn things from a book that you learn in class, she helps me find books, and she made me smarter.  Mrs. Parker is my absolute, most amazing favorite teacher.  She should be yours too!

Thanks for letting me share this essay with you.

Happy Reading!




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5 responses to “Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

  1. You will always be my favorite teacher. Wait. That’s a lie. There’s a tie for first-place. I need to add Mr. Parker to that list. 🙂

  2. Oh, I just loved this! And I agree … you ARE amazing!

    • Kathy

      Thank you Beth! Wasn’t that sweet of her! On an interesting note, Eve’s grandfather was the principal who hired me many many years ago!
      Happy Reading!

  3. Sarah’s e-mail your post inspired our team to write about our favorite teachers: http://bit.ly/9nD48R. Thanks to you and all the other amazing teachers out there!

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