Kathy’s review of Making Toast: A Family Story

This was a GoodReads First-Reads Selection…and what an excellent book! I don’t know where to begin raving about it. It’s a memoir of Roger Rosenblatt’s 38-year old daughter, Amy, who died suddenly from a heart problem. Roger and his wife move in with Amy’s husband, and their three young children. What special people Roger and his wife Ginny were to not even hesitate to come to the aid of their son-in-law! I cried in so many parts of the book. Roger shares his family’s life and celebrates Amy’s life and her legacy. Roger would post a “Word of the Day” for the two older grandchildren in the morning. What a smart way to introduce words and how they could relate to the grandchildren. One of their family customs was to always say, “Love you” at the end of a phone conversation. I was so touched by this because it is one of our family traditions as well that we have passed onto our three daughters. Lastly, on Amy’s twenty-first birthday, Ginny wrote her a letter. Again I was brought to tears by her wish for her daughter. I thought of my three daughters as well. “I wish you work that matters. I wish you the joy of great love in marriage. I wish you the beauty and fulfillment that comes from being a mother.” Please pick up this wonderful, heartfelt book!

See the review on GoodReads, too.



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3 responses to “Kathy’s review of Making Toast: A Family Story

  1. Thank you for your wonderful review. I will add this book to my list!

    • Kathy

      Thank you Beth – glad you liked it. Have a tissue handy while you’re reading Making Toast.

    • Kathy

      Hi again Beth!
      I just visited your website! I enjoyed your story on how you became a writer. Yes, we should listen to what people have to say! That’s how I started blogging – through my daughter, Sarah’s encouragement.

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