“Sarah’s Key” book review

Our group read and discussed, Sarah’s Key, by Tatiana de Rosnay.

She intertwines two stories, the past, which is the Vel’ d’Hiv’s , roundup of the Jews in 1942 that took place in France on orders from the German military. The story is based on historical information. In particular we follow the tragic story of Sarah as she tells us her tale. The other part of the story, the present, is about Julia Jermond, an American journalist, who discoveries the atrocities of the roundup. The past and the present eventually come together.

Our book club thought Tatiana did a beautiful job of bringing history to life. It entangled the past with the present which we felt made the message of the story so powerful. De Rosnay informed and enlightened us since we didn’t know this particular event of history concerning the Holocaust.

The parts which affected us the most were the secret (I won’t give it away!), the round up, and how Julia’s husband treated her.

We agreed on two central themes and morals of the story, one being secrets. Secrets become heavy weights and they are kept to protect someone. We felt in this story, secrets are best if they are NOT kept. Too many bad events occurred because secrets were kept.

If something is happening which is bad, such as the round up of the Jews by the French, and let it happen, you are still contributing to it. It doesn’t absolve anyone.

"The Best Book Club Ever"



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2 responses to ““Sarah’s Key” book review

  1. What a nice photo of “The Best Book Group Ever!”

    I really liked Sarah’s Key, especially for highlighting the history of the round-up (which I knew nothing about before!)

    The contemporary storyline wasn’t as memorable for me, but still very well done.

    I have an interview with the author, here:

    • Kathy

      Thanks Dawn!
      We’ve been friends since high school! Each month I’ll update our photo along with the new book we discussed. At our February meeting/dinner, we’ll be discussing, The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, by Jamie Ford. Have you read it yet? We normally go out for dinner but this month we met at my friend’s home since she was recovering from a recent surgery.

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