“The Best Book Club Ever,” “Sarah’s Key,” “Scaredy Squirrel” and more…

I’ve been part of an amazing book club for several years. While not the most creative name, we formed a strong bond that goes beyond our book discussions. We’re “The Best Book Club Ever!” and we meet monthly.  Our next book is Sarah’s Key, by Tatiana de Rosnay. Ms. de Rosnay is also on Twitter. You can follow her at @yansor.  She is currently on tour for her new book, Boomerang.  COMING SOON: Sarah’s Key discussion and a picture of our group!

Each week on the blog, I’ll share my Pre-K thru 3rd Grade Read-Alouds. These are the books I select for one of my favorite age groups. This week we read Scaredy Squirrel, by Melanie Watt. The children loved it! It draws a parallel between Scaredy and the safety he feels in his nut tree (i.e. home). Scaredy Squirrel is also crafty as he devises plans for all sorts of emergencies…like those involving: killer bees, sharks, poison ivy, germs, and green martians.

See you back here tomorrow. Happy reading!


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