Kathy Parker and Her Kindle Crew

I’m part of the the Ning Kindle Educators Group. If you’ve got questions about using the Kindle in education it is a great resource. Here’s what some of my peers are saying about the Kindle:

(You can see more at Kathy Parker and Her Kindle Crew – Update # 2.)

Here are comments and thoughts about the use of the Amazon Kindle from our RTI teacher, Tiffany Wheeler, our 7th grade Language/Literature teacher, Mark Giertz, and our 8th grade Language/Literature teacher, Steve Novario.

Tiffany Wheeler:
RTI students enjoy using the Kindles. Mrs. Parker and I developed a list of Reluctant Reader Titles for the students. Some students have commented they like to use the dictionary feature. I have had some students develop their own vocabulary list for each chapter. Questioning while you read is a skill many RTI students need to developed, so I have as asked students to type “I wonder questions in the footnotes.” That is an advantage to a kindle students are a little more motivated to demonstrate thinking while reading instead of using the paper pencil method. This ability to listen to chapters has appealed to some students and it has surprised me to see how many students enlarge the font to a variety of sizes. I’m wondering if this feature is helpful for students with reading weaknesses. The seventh graders are really enjoying “Getting Air”. All students are very motivated to read the novels.

Mark Giertz:
I have been using my Kindles for silent reading now for about 4 weeks now and the students have been like flies coming in and out of my room before school and after school to read what’s next in their story. Many students are finding the Kindle quicker than a regular book and are excited about the access the Kindle has to books of their choice.

Steve Novario:
My name is Steve Novario and teach eighth grade. I chose the 6 highest GPA’s in each of my three sections to use the Kindles first. They love them. There are a few drawbacks that are being addressed. Each of the three students on each Kindle have to read a different book if they are to go to their previous location. Also, I don’t give tons of time to read during the day. Because of that fact, we are starting a check-out system.

*We are in no way compensated by Amazon for these statements.*


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